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Welcome to new era of Automations

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In the wise words of "Rancho baba" of 3 idiots, "Machine is anything that reduces human effort" Well then, what exactly is Automation?. Automation, as per wikipedia, is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery. Put in simple language, Automation is the process of making machines do the work for us. Wait, dont move forward.

Let that sink in.
Automation is the process of making machines work on their own.

From wheel to Mangalyaan(MOM),
From Edison’s bulb to Modern day LEDs,
From Abacus calculator to Artificial Intelligence,

We’ve truly travelled a long way down.
But this, my friend is just the beginning.
Technology is truly magical, and yes,

Welcome to the new era of Technological Advancements : Welcome to The World Of Automation.

What we Offer

We offer solutions. Yep, no big fancy words used. Because we won’t offer anything which would intimidate you, and make you wonder what we just said. We offer simple, yet innovative solutions to daily life problems.



We are an Automobile Solutions Expert, and Automation is our domain. We Automate the machines to work for you.
Before we make any product, we keep in mind a few things :

- It solves a problem and is helpful for the people.
- It is an innovative and efficient solution to an intriguing problem.
- It is unique.
- It is cost effective and economically feasible.

Working on the the same line, we’ve our first product coming up : The Auto-Dimmer device.

Our Vision

Vision. It’s just a six letter word, and it is incredibly funny how it has the potential to encapsulate the very essence of why the organisation exists. Wanna know the power of “Vision”? Consider this :

“If you’re working on something exciting that you really care about, You don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”
    - Steve Jobs
So what exactly do we do?

We, at Shaastra Automation, have a clear view about our work. We observe what needs to done, we solve big problems, and build innovative product, we ensure that its new and unique, and that, there is none other than us providing the same services. Our very first product in the line, is an Auto Dimmer device, which hasn’t been made ever before or available in market. We intend to be the sole monopoly providing a specific set of services like no other.

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For any query please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.