The Problem

Out of total accidents, 24.4% car accidents occur at night

We deal with innovative automobile solutions and hence a big literature review is done before developing products to gain more competitive advantages and our very first innovation is already a published patent (3966/MUM/2015)

Improper use of Dipper system in vehicles

Almost everyone drives their vehicles with High Beam ON. All along.. Never use the Dipper. “To follow or not to follow the rules, this the question”. This is lack of concern for the other drivers. The Hi- Beam and the Dipper. Two settings for the Head- Lights of any vehicle. These have been provided for obviously right reasons.

Glare that momentarily blinds the driver's vision

The glare caused in driver's eye due to oncoming vehicles. It takes 3-8 seconds to recover from the glare which increases the chances of accidents. Our eyes adjust to the lower levels of light. It is difficult to switch between bright and dark intensities of light

The Solution- Auto Dimmer Device

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Reduces the intensity of light according to the surroundings

An electronic circuit that reduces the intensity of the headlamps of vehicles by half when surrounding lights are enough for a clear vision.

Compact and easy to install device

The dimensions of the device are 10 x 8 x 4 (in cm) (for 4 wheelers). It takes only a minute to install this device and is a very handy kit. It can be installed in any vehicle, be it car, bus, auto, bike, etc.

No further use of manual dipper systems -Automated dimmer

This devices replaces the manual dipper system in vehicles with an automatic dimmer system that controls the intensity of the headlamps.Competitive advantages.

Cost Effective

The same dimming features are available in high end cars costing crores of money But the price of this device ranges merely to a couple thousand rupees.

It is Lightening fast

The restoring time is just 0.1 seconds. Yeah, that device literally works in the blink of an eyes.


Replacing the older two filament system, it uses a single filament thereby reducing both, the cost and the energy.

An Innovation reducing road accidents and with high revenue expectations leads to growth...

The main object of the startup is to provide a novel automatic dimming device for automobiles which can automatically judge the required intensity of the headlamps of the vehicles. It will reduce the number of road accidents by 70%. It will replace the manual dipper system in the vehicles which drivers take for granted and do not use. It is a very quick response device with a 0.1 sec restoring time with no chances of glare. The user can easily install this device in their vehicles by just referring to user manual.

It solves a problem which makes it mandatory to use. If at the right time the government is pitched and made understand its importance it will be a mandatory device to be fitted in vehicles and hence it can increase the market capture by 60%.

Competetive Advantages

We deal with innovative automobile solutions and hence a big literature review is done before developing products to gain more competitive advantages and our very first innovation is already a published patent (3966/MUM/2015).

Unique Features

  • New and Unique
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to install
  • Fully Automatic

First to Market

No such device that replaces the manual dipper system in vehicles exist in the market. This replacement is very fist of its kind.

Proprietary Technology

Our company will create a brand value with this product to set a platform to launch other such devices on which we are working.

Adoption Rate

We had around 25 surveys online + offline and the results are commendable.With an adoption rate of 85% we expect a huge market for this product.

Unique Pricing

We do not believe in taking false advantages of monopoly and hence we kept the price of this product at its low. The average cost of this ranges from 500 INR to 3500 INR.

Exclusive Partnership

We are already reaching automobile juggernauts to tell them about our product. The results are pretty good as the interest shown by them is highly appreciable.


The device is very good, and being an auto-driver, it will be very helpful especially for people like us, who drive at night on a daily basis. It is quasi essential that this device is used in all the vehicles for better results and impact of the device. In Fact, in my opinion, this device should come pre-installed in all the vehicles. For the work this device is doing, and the amount it is being priced at, it is a great deal to buy this product.


It is very difficult to drive at night because of the glare of the headlights of the incoming vehicles. Sometimes, we can’t see even a portion of road, and have to drive entirely by guess. We always fear, what if a big accident takes place. This is the bread butter of our family, and we can’t afford sitting at home at any cost. This is a very useful device, it will help in seeing the road clearly while driving in the night. It will be much safer now, to drive at night.


This device is a boon for us “night-drivers”. It not only reduces the chances of any possible accidents, but will also reduce the tension our family has when we go out at night. It will also make us and our customers feel more safer, as the chances of accidents will be greatly reduced. I will urge everyone to think about buying this device and installing in their vehicles. Great solution developed by the company to a very relevant and important problem. My hearty congrats to the entire team.

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